Saturday, June 25, 2011

Speakasiaonline Scam or Legit

Its a big debate that Speakasiaonline is Scam or Legit site.First of all lets see whats the site actually offers - actually the site says that they are paying money to the customers if the members fills surveys provided by them which they promise that they are getting from various Multinational Companies.The company actually been regulated from Singapore.

But yes to get paid you should be a paid member by paying a certain amount deending upon various kinds of membership and become eligible to complete their surveys provided each week by the site.Its seen that the potential of earning is about 400% in a year which provoked a question among many experts that the site is a scam.

The news been busted by Star news on the month of May middle and after that it was heard that on 28th may ,they published a Newsletter that their payments been delayed as the money was not been sent from the Singapore bank to the Indian Bank by UOB bank,they also told that if required they are going to the court also and appeal all the members to sign the online petition and appeal to give it all time clearance.

If one sees the Alexa ranking of the site - in India its 59 rank and getting between 1-2 crore of pageviews daily but after the scam news busted out, from the middle of the May month,pageviews becomes just half then before.You can see the chart.

MY OPINION - I don't consider such sites as legit one as the Multinational companies completely denied the fact that they are supplying surveys to the site.That means the site themselves making those surveys and giving to the members to fill up and in reply they are giving you the money which they took from your upperline or the old members.Its like a chain type of business.Till date though they paid their members its true but the scheme of the site denotes a clear scam.So always think twice while investing in such sites.Though the time will tell the truth or you can wait till the final decision of the court comes.

Just see their Twitter account and you will find that the last tweet came at 14th June which is of the Speakasiaonline COO India Tarak Bajpai.Seems till the problem not yet solved.see the Twitter page of Speakasiaonline below


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