Thursday, June 30, 2011

Earn from in-image advertising sites – Gumgum or Pixazza is the best

One could earn from in-image advertising sites which could be used in the pictures posted in your Website. Though there are various methods of Make Money online free procedures but this method is totally innovative and perfect for the publishers who are getting less conversion to their site contents.

For such site owners there is nothing to panic if you have some good picture .Just embed the Java code into your site and the rest will be done automatically. The readers when comes to websites and click those pictures those ads appear and the owners get paid.

There are two in-images advertising site which pays and ruling the online industry and they are Gumgum and Pixazza. There is though some confusion and question that actually which site is the best. Here me pointing out some important features of both sites which will help to identify the best in-image advertising site.

In Pixazza, even Google invested in the site .The most interesting features in Pixazza is that it makes each and everything inside a picture very interactive and when a visitor just place his mouse over the picture, the list of ads will be seen related to the thing inside the image. Though its having other ads similar like Gumgum.

An advantage in Pixazza for the Publishers is the minimum payout and its $10 only by Paypal or check by NET30 basis but yes if anyone is having multiple sites then the minimum payment is applicable for each and every site. Gumgum payment for the publishers is $50 by paypal and they also pay within 60 days.

But in Pixazza , Publishers should have at least 100,000 page views monthly in their site to apply for approval but in Gumgum no such specifications are there.


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