Sunday, June 26, 2011

Simple and Powerful Tip to increase Adsense Earning in Blogspot Bloggers

Here I am going to show you a Simple but Powerful Tip for Google Optimization in Blogspot. Many bloggers don’t get enough time to write all 24/7 and for them the post is very useful. Before let me tell you the more Traffic you get to your Blog or site, you will earn more money. To get more traffic SEO is the must and mainly the Google Optimization comes under consideration as more than 70% of our Traffic is done from Google. Though my Sincere request would be to see the Optimization Tips by Google Once.

Ok let me come to the Point, If you make a Blog in Blogspot, in the Dashboard, you can see that the stat button will be there by the side of your blog. If you click the stat, you can see the stat of Posts with Number of Audience and Traffic Sources. From this stat easily you can see that what post is giving you more traffic in a particular Hour,Day,Week or a Month and the Traffic Source is what.

Suppose you have submitted the links to various Social Networking sites like Digg,Twitter and Facebook .Done some SEO work by submitting to various forums and High PR blogs or sites .Now from the traffic Source you can see that from where actually the traffics are coming most and for which post. So, you can go and submit more links in those particular places in future which saves a lot of time instead of submitting to thousands of sites for getting back links.

Now my main point comes – for busy Bloggers it’s worthful to figure what that in what particular time you are getting the most traffic for your blogspot. From the stat data if you click the week button you can see that in what day of the Week you get more traffic. That means in that particular day, your visitors are free and comes to read your posts more. So better to write the posts before that day what you figured out.

In the above picture, you can see that on 26th, the traffic is more seen that means in that day more visitors are coming. Like that you can compare the data for a month and find out the average one.

Another way is just figure out the particular time each day you get more traffic so that you can Tweet and Submit your Facebook link in that particular period without wasting much effort.


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