Friday, September 18, 2009

Earn pounds from slicethepie by scouting music

Slicethepie is the only and most trusted online site from where you can earn pounds by reviewing musical track.The rate is also decent, though in the initial stage while scouting you will have to give rating from 1 to 10.Now deoending upon your scouting performance, your performance star and amount of money will increase in per review song.
the rate is for 1 star=v0.04,2star=v0.05,3star=0.05 pound,4star=o.07pound,5star=0.10pound.and the payout is 5 pound by paypal.

so its seen that you will get vouchers upto 2 star and real money from 3 stars.Its one of the legit sites in online world.

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