Saturday, December 18, 2010

Allvoices Review - About 2010 Performance

Let me first tell you before my review about the site allvoices that it’s a legit earning site. Here I am trying to highlight some points which may be beneficial for the site further improvement. In the year 2010,the site is quite successful one which got some consistent page views from the search Engine and yes it performed exceptionally well.

The incentive programme of 2010 done great for the site.

When I started to search the reason I got some points which I wanted to discuss here –
Let me focus to some of the weak points that can be rectified –

1. The sites tell that 200 words article is must. But there is no must rules till implemented for the writers. Though recently they made some members Reporter from Anchor circulating news that they are writing less than 200 words article which is not suitable for search engines and hence their status is being made to Anchor to Reporter.

But till now there are some amount of writers who are constantly writing one or two sentence and are in Anchor status. So I urge the site Owner Amra Tareen to look in this matter and Implement some rule which should be followed by all.
Suppose the site can make a must software system to write at least 200 words article.

2.The site started its main Journey from the year 2008 and from Since their support team was exceptionally good but recently its seen that no measures are taken or solutions to any problems of the members are rather slow than before. This problem should be overcome first.

3. It seems that the site Owner has implemented some new Moderators and their Work is not at all satisfactory as for some members who are constantly copy pasting reports are kept in Anchor Position.

4. There are members who constantly remarks racism comments and is in Anchor position .It should be considered seriously.
There are over 90% writers writing less than 200 words article and some 40-50% being made reporter. The system is fine but suggestion is writers writing should be thoroughly checked before taking any decision .


Now let me discuss the Positive Points –

1. I think the site is till now the best in Online earning for the year 2010.Their incentive programme worked superbly and their payment is also in time, very satisfied.
2. The site is liberal. It’s not so much strict and the members are having liberty to write anything or any topic of their choice.
3. The site is launching a new incentive programme from Ist January 2011 .So ,keep eye on that if you missed the 2010 .
4. The site is having some Good professional writers and some Good SEO workers which makes the site improves day by day.

So I request all of you to Join the site and make it a sucessful one and earn some handsome money alo online .ALLVOICES


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Earn from Daceband ( Legit or scam)

The payout is $5 by paypal.You can earn $5 for 1000 unique visitors who view your contents such as blogs,Videos,Music.The site is having points system.You can earn from Viewing ads also.I suppose that the site will prove a legit one.

You can join the site HERE


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Earn Money From CashGopher

CashGopher is a sister site of Mylot.Its a trusted site no doubt about that.Now lets know whats that CashGopher is all about.CashGopher is a site where you can download the site software in your computer and watch their adds to earn money.Your Computer will work for you when you are idle.They are sharing the advertisement revenue with you.CashGopher pays $10 by paypal.By reffering other also you can earn money.The disadvantage of the site is its a very slow earning site.


Earn from Mylot

Mylot is a pay per post site.According to me its the most legit site online which is having about 2.5 lakhs members.I suggest the nebies who want to earn online money free to be member of this site.Just one disadvantage of the site is - its not a quick money scheme - if you love writing its one of the best site.Payout is $10 by paypal.Tips to earn more is write eloborately, give tags, donot put refferal link.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

2nd Payment Proof of Toneaday of $30

2nd Payment Proof of Toneaday of $30.Yes the site proving to be one of the promising and legit site in online free earning world .The site though cut $3 from the $30 but yes $27 I got.

So donot miss the Opportunity in Toneaday because you are getting a very little legit sites like this.Here is the 2nd Payment proof of Toneaday above.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Payment Proof of Squidoo

Let me tell you people that Squidoo is one of the most promising online earning site.If you can stick with this squidoo site,you can earn huge amount per month.People are earning some $1000 per month easily from the site.Though I am not much active there but managed to squeeze a small payment from them this month.

Above is the payment proof of Squidoo


Payment proof of Toneaday

I already told in my previous posts that Toneaday is a legit site till date ( Till the $2 threshold payment till date) .I am attaching a payment proof of $2 from the site.Though they are deducting some amount for Charity.

My payment proof of Toneaday is as follows


Toneaday - Legit or Scam

We know that Toneaday is a site which pays its member for rating words and Phrases and member used to get paid for their opinion.Now they are having various levels of payment from $30,$20,$10 and $4.For testing they are going to give you $2 when you are rating 100 words.

According to me,the site till now is a legit site as many of the members got payment of $2 instantly,though many are teling that the $30 payment time is taking much.
I think those depends upon the members also.Maximum wants to earn money fast and within few days they reached the payment.Beaware if you are not providing the quality,you cannot get the payment inspite of reaching the payment threshold.

So for me Toneaday is legit till date.


Earning from Toneaday

Recently we saw the new concept site Toneaday which is powered by Lymbix .The site pays by rating the words or Phrases what one feel about.For each word or Phrase $0.02 is been credited in the account .The qualifying milestone ia after rating 100 words,when you finish up that one is eligible for first payout $30 by paypal.( Though if u qualify,$2 will be awarded to you first after rating 100 words).

Here Accuracy is very important,so one should take their own time to rate those words.

There are total 4 levels of contributions -

1.Emotional willingness level where you can get paid when you reach $30 milestone level.
2.Emotional Purpose level,when $20 is the payout.
3.Emotional Competence level where $10 is the payout.
4.Emotional Wisdom level where $4is the payout but on can withdraw the amount without holding your withdrawl.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

imcrew - legit or scam

imcrew is a free site where members are getting opprtunity to make money by reading and sharing articles.Its in Pre-Launch until August 5th .One can join and earn $10 bonus with $2 per refferal. The site is telling that one can earn $1257 /month .But the question is - is imcrew - legit or scam .

According to me the site will prove a scam for sure.I am 99% sure the site will prove to be 100% scam because the concept again seems to me like readbud and already readbud proved a complete scam to us.Its now a time factor to see that what imcrew does.Whenever joining a site please donot believe any hype.Always think twice before you join.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Payment Proof of Readbud

I think now Readbud becoming a hot online site which shows about 9000 members online sometime.Now the question is about the payment proof of readbud.All are searching of a payment proof of Readbud.Some one or two forums showed some payments but according to me its not satisfactory - may be a spam.

Till now I m searching for a original payment proof of readbud.If I get atonce i will post that.I am in doubt actually with the site as what I am realizing that the site is very nicely spamming members.

The reasons are - The site is having no orginal Payment proof till date, secondly its behaviour is very much fishy as when the members comes to $30-35,they decreases the amount of ad and people could only earn $0.35 which means for 20$ extra u have to wait for another two months.So beware of the site.
( First upto $30-$35 u will get many ads and can earn $1plus per day)


Friday, March 26, 2010

Is Readbud scam or legit site

Readbud is launched new and its a pay to rate article site.Payout is $50 by paypal ,completely a new concept.If you are a active clicker than you can earn some 1.05 $ per day from the site.

You can join the site and test your luck .I cannot produce the payment proof as I m now half the mark.The question remains that Readbud scam or legit .The time will tell that the site is scam or legit.I am 70% in favor of scam as I m not seeing any payment proof till now,though the time will tell the truth.



Earn Huge from Squidoo

Squidoo is a very promising site what I feel.Many people donot know but yes if you do stick to the site its having a huge potential.People are earning 1000$ also per month from the squidoo site.The process is very simple just make lens and publish .Its like pay to write articles but its having huge options to add in your lens.

You can see and have some idea I have written the lenses -




Sunday, January 24, 2010

Payment Proof of Allvoices

Allvoices is a news site and for about one year their incentive programme was running.I will give 10/10 about the decency and genuinity of the site.The reason is the site is not only legit but the owner and staffs are also very gentle.Total I earned $500 from the site.Actually my first check was $300 and the second payment I got by paypal $200.Check as processed long ago i am unable to show that proof.But yes I am showing you the second payment of $200.


Payment Proof of Trekpay

As we know that Trekpay is a advertising site and probably one of the most legit sites in online.The members are paid $5 by paypal, after one week of requesting the money.When the members gather points , the points are converted to cash and members can cashout.I did the calculation and saw that without any refferal if you are active for about 70-80 days , you can reach the payouts.There is no specific rate of points for cash.I got my first payment from the site Trekpay.Here I am giving the payment proof of the site.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Earn from Vinefire - different ways

We know that Vinefire is a site where you can advertise your website.Donot Think ever that you will ever get paid by Vinefire.But yes as the site is having lots of visitors per day and people atleast clicking those links of yours everyday, you can earn nice amount from Vinefire using it.

1.You can use Linkbucks or Linkbee link and earn from each visits while people clicks yours links.
2.You can add Pay per view ads in the Blog and just advertise in the site.You can earn huge.
3.Search for some payper click every time people visits, you can earn amount.
4.You can advertise your site with the subscription button, so when people visits ur site constsntly, they will subscribe and you can utilize that in Email marketing.
5.Vinefire is the best place to gets refferals, remember that.

So pls utilize the site and earn as much as you can.


Scam Easyhits4u - Is it True

You all might know the site Easyhits4u site which is a manual surfing site and pays $3 by Paypal.The site pays to its member, yes its true , you can earn money for sure.Now the question arise, why I am telling Easyhits4u a scam .The reason I am telling to you - In the site, apart from earning money , there you can advertise and convert your cash also in banner ads or Text ads.Now in that site I wanted to converted my cash to text ad.I then just put my site for advertisement and added the specific number of ads to be shown per day.Now I have put some 10,000 text ads and per day 500 impression.But after some days when I checked my site I saw that my site is not having a single impression but everyday in Easyhits4u account my Text banner impression is showing and its telling that about 5000 impression been completed.As I attached a hit counter, I can check whether really impression is coming, but learned that no impression in real.I wrote to the equiry but they didnot gave me the exact reason and showing me various Faq which is of no use.Now again I wrote them, lets see what happens, if not worked properly , I have to commit that Easyhits4u is scamming.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HYIP or PTC which is better for investment

Nowadays people always interested to invest money and earn quickly.Many Online earners are keen to invest in PTC and earning huge .Some persons are interested in HYIP sites means High yield investment programmes.Here I am sharing my experience without indicating any type of specific sites .When I first joined online ,I invested some money in the PTC sites and saw that getting profit from those kind of PTC sites are really hard to get back.The reason are - you have to be active everyday to get the refferal earnings after investment also, secondly you have to manage the refferals as many PTC sites are using Bots and 30% of them are not again we have to recycle them .More over we have to upgrade in those sites.In HYIP,atleast you can get daily payment from 1-2% of the investment .But yes you have to invest very carefully and always distribute your amount to some 5-10 legit sites.

My sincere advice though not to invest online, all are risky stuffs and any sites, may it HYIP or PTC will vanish anytime.So be very careful while investing those.and if you invest also invest with online earning money.


Scam site Pixprofit

Many of you might heard about the Pixprofit site .Its a capacha typing site which gives $1 for 1000 pictures typed.Some person may call it a legit also telling that they got paid, though according to me paying one or two persons cannot prove a site honest.All depends upon the mentality of the site owner.Let me explain the scam Pixprofit site experience.I saw actually some positive notes about the scam pixprofit site in some forums and joined the site.In two days I typed also about 156 characters and suddenely I experienced that pictures are not seen anymore in my account.I was thinking what had happened and when I checked their faq i saw that they have written that if you donot see any picture anymore for few days you may get ban from the site.I atonce wrote a letter to the admin of the scam pixprofit site and he also gave me response yes your account is being suspended as you have mistyped two characters, better make another account and work But I decided that I will not Join the scam pixprofit site anymore as a Human being a person can mistype 1-2 words and for that they are banning without any proper reason.They Just squezzing the members and taking maximum profits from them.My sincere advice not to join the scam pixprofit site and waste your time there.
so according to me Pixprofit is a scam site.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Earn Money By Moneybumper

Its completely a new technique of earning from online, the owner of Socint and AWsurvey which is a part of Aclarn.Network is the Owner of the site You can earn by bumping the sites.Each sites u bump you will receive $0.02 and u r allowed to bump upto 5 sites a day that means $0.10 per day.Everytime u get $0.01 if your friend Bumps.

You are also eligible to earn $3 if you and your friend is Pro member.The cashout process is by paypal or Alertpay and the payout is $15.So hurry up to grab the opprtunity to earn from the site as early as possible.

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