Friday, August 13, 2010

Toneaday - Legit or Scam

We know that Toneaday is a site which pays its member for rating words and Phrases and member used to get paid for their opinion.Now they are having various levels of payment from $30,$20,$10 and $4.For testing they are going to give you $2 when you are rating 100 words.

According to me,the site till now is a legit site as many of the members got payment of $2 instantly,though many are teling that the $30 payment time is taking much.
I think those depends upon the members also.Maximum wants to earn money fast and within few days they reached the payment.Beaware if you are not providing the quality,you cannot get the payment inspite of reaching the payment threshold.

So for me Toneaday is legit till date.


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