Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scam site Pixprofit

Many of you might heard about the Pixprofit site .Its a capacha typing site which gives $1 for 1000 pictures typed.Some person may call it a legit also telling that they got paid, though according to me paying one or two persons cannot prove a site honest.All depends upon the mentality of the site owner.Let me explain the scam Pixprofit site experience.I saw actually some positive notes about the scam pixprofit site in some forums and joined the site.In two days I typed also about 156 characters and suddenely I experienced that pictures are not seen anymore in my account.I was thinking what had happened and when I checked their faq i saw that they have written that if you donot see any picture anymore for few days you may get ban from the site.I atonce wrote a letter to the admin of the scam pixprofit site and he also gave me response yes your account is being suspended as you have mistyped two characters, better make another account and work But I decided that I will not Join the scam pixprofit site anymore as a Human being a person can mistype 1-2 words and for that they are banning without any proper reason.They Just squezzing the members and taking maximum profits from them.My sincere advice not to join the scam pixprofit site and waste your time there.
so according to me Pixprofit is a scam site.

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