Saturday, August 14, 2010

2nd Payment Proof of Toneaday of $30

2nd Payment Proof of Toneaday of $30.Yes the site proving to be one of the promising and legit site in online free earning world .The site though cut $3 from the $30 but yes $27 I got.

So donot miss the Opportunity in Toneaday because you are getting a very little legit sites like this.Here is the 2nd Payment proof of Toneaday above.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Payment Proof of Squidoo

Let me tell you people that Squidoo is one of the most promising online earning site.If you can stick with this squidoo site,you can earn huge amount per month.People are earning some $1000 per month easily from the site.Though I am not much active there but managed to squeeze a small payment from them this month.

Above is the payment proof of Squidoo


Payment proof of Toneaday

I already told in my previous posts that Toneaday is a legit site till date ( Till the $2 threshold payment till date) .I am attaching a payment proof of $2 from the site.Though they are deducting some amount for Charity.

My payment proof of Toneaday is as follows


Toneaday - Legit or Scam

We know that Toneaday is a site which pays its member for rating words and Phrases and member used to get paid for their opinion.Now they are having various levels of payment from $30,$20,$10 and $4.For testing they are going to give you $2 when you are rating 100 words.

According to me,the site till now is a legit site as many of the members got payment of $2 instantly,though many are teling that the $30 payment time is taking much.
I think those depends upon the members also.Maximum wants to earn money fast and within few days they reached the payment.Beaware if you are not providing the quality,you cannot get the payment inspite of reaching the payment threshold.

So for me Toneaday is legit till date.


Earning from Toneaday

Recently we saw the new concept site Toneaday which is powered by Lymbix .The site pays by rating the words or Phrases what one feel about.For each word or Phrase $0.02 is been credited in the account .The qualifying milestone ia after rating 100 words,when you finish up that one is eligible for first payout $30 by paypal.( Though if u qualify,$2 will be awarded to you first after rating 100 words).

Here Accuracy is very important,so one should take their own time to rate those words.

There are total 4 levels of contributions -

1.Emotional willingness level where you can get paid when you reach $30 milestone level.
2.Emotional Purpose level,when $20 is the payout.
3.Emotional Competence level where $10 is the payout.
4.Emotional Wisdom level where $4is the payout but on can withdraw the amount without holding your withdrawl.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

imcrew - legit or scam

imcrew is a free site where members are getting opprtunity to make money by reading and sharing articles.Its in Pre-Launch until August 5th .One can join and earn $10 bonus with $2 per refferal. The site is telling that one can earn $1257 /month .But the question is - is imcrew - legit or scam .

According to me the site will prove a scam for sure.I am 99% sure the site will prove to be 100% scam because the concept again seems to me like readbud and already readbud proved a complete scam to us.Its now a time factor to see that what imcrew does.Whenever joining a site please donot believe any hype.Always think twice before you join.

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