Friday, May 14, 2010

Payment Proof of Readbud

I think now Readbud becoming a hot online site which shows about 9000 members online sometime.Now the question is about the payment proof of readbud.All are searching of a payment proof of Readbud.Some one or two forums showed some payments but according to me its not satisfactory - may be a spam.

Till now I m searching for a original payment proof of readbud.If I get atonce i will post that.I am in doubt actually with the site as what I am realizing that the site is very nicely spamming members.

The reasons are - The site is having no orginal Payment proof till date, secondly its behaviour is very much fishy as when the members comes to $30-35,they decreases the amount of ad and people could only earn $0.35 which means for 20$ extra u have to wait for another two months.So beware of the site.
( First upto $30-$35 u will get many ads and can earn $1plus per day)

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