Thursday, October 13, 2011

Allvoices Payment Gimmick

Allvoices new incentive programme proved to be a real Gimmick and couldn't leave up to the expectation as promised by the members of the site.Recently they announced the new incentive programme which started from ist September.Here they started two types of programmes - one is the brand and the second one is the select media programme.

In Brand type,

they are giving $3 per 1000 page views but you have to be a total score of 90,which they increased from previous 80 to 90,making it tough to score now.

Revenue factor remains the same ,that means its not like what you sees here - maximum writers are getting revenue factors around 30-40,that means the calculation comes around $1-1.5 per thousand page views.

Though all types of writers are being able to participate but without anchor level its impossible to reach that mark of total score.if you score <70,you will get $.50 per thousand page views which was $1 per 1000 page views.If you score >70,you will get $1.50 per thousand page views which was $2 per thousand clearly shows how much difficult the thing became.

In Select Media type,the real gimmick is seen where they gives $ for 1000 page views but yes the news will be selected by the allvoices team and should be unique and from US or targeting the US Audience,that means other than US,no other members are eligible for the programme which shows indirectly.

So,Allvoices incentive Gimmick shows that the site is now difficult to earn.More over now flagging is occurring after the admin announced that if anyone could flag a certain number of articles,they could be made moderators.As a result some members are flagging without any valid reason ,which leads to problems of some legit workers of the site .As a result its seen that a member who is writing in article software also becomes anchor and legit members turns stringer.if such things continuously occurs then me afraid this wonderful site would loss the glory pretty soon.


Dailywiki Stopped Paying

Dailywiki stopped paying members from the month of October.The sad announcement came from the admin at the last week of September .According to the admin,now they are hiring writers for the site and now no vacancy is available.

Its been in news that some old writers of the site are given the opportunity to write .The site is running in loss as the articles submitted to the site are very poor so,the current decision is being made.

So,its better now to write articles for other pay to write sites like Bukisa,Factoidz etc.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Earn $100 per month from dailywiki - a legit site

Its a very good and legit site is dailywikiwhich is a very good writing site but here there is a twist to earn in this site.Its based on points system by writing as well as by commenting on others articles.Here you can earn from your down line also,if they writes.Your articles must be at least 300 words original and if you write more words articles you can earn more points.

The first ten writers used to get rewards from the site,which is divided from $100 to $5.Its not much difficult to earn from the site and the site pays by Paypal.Though for Indian users Money Order system is there and the payment is very much in time.


Tips to Earn huge money from Writerbay

If you are expert in writing and wants to built a career in this field probably this site is one of the best one.You can earn more than $20 per page in writing site WriterBay but yes just you have to follow some simple steps to sure success.

1.You have to be a basic degree in the topic you are applying as a writer.

2.You have to give test on formatting.Its pretty easy.Just read the guidelines of the site and answer the 15 questions given to you.

3.Grammatical test should be given.

4.You have to earn $100 at least for payment.Payment procedure are Paypal,MoneyBookers,Payoneer and Webmoney

5.You have to follow APA, MLA and Chicago/Turabian formatting styles but yes don't worry,just follow the direction in the site.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Earn from in-image advertising sites – Gumgum or Pixazza is the best

One could earn from in-image advertising sites which could be used in the pictures posted in your Website. Though there are various methods of Make Money online free procedures but this method is totally innovative and perfect for the publishers who are getting less conversion to their site contents.

For such site owners there is nothing to panic if you have some good picture .Just embed the Java code into your site and the rest will be done automatically. The readers when comes to websites and click those pictures those ads appear and the owners get paid.

There are two in-images advertising site which pays and ruling the online industry and they are Gumgum and Pixazza. There is though some confusion and question that actually which site is the best. Here me pointing out some important features of both sites which will help to identify the best in-image advertising site.

In Pixazza, even Google invested in the site .The most interesting features in Pixazza is that it makes each and everything inside a picture very interactive and when a visitor just place his mouse over the picture, the list of ads will be seen related to the thing inside the image. Though its having other ads similar like Gumgum.

An advantage in Pixazza for the Publishers is the minimum payout and its $10 only by Paypal or check by NET30 basis but yes if anyone is having multiple sites then the minimum payment is applicable for each and every site. Gumgum payment for the publishers is $50 by paypal and they also pay within 60 days.

But in Pixazza , Publishers should have at least 100,000 page views monthly in their site to apply for approval but in Gumgum no such specifications are there.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Simple and Powerful Tip to increase Adsense Earning in Blogspot Bloggers

Here I am going to show you a Simple but Powerful Tip for Google Optimization in Blogspot. Many bloggers don’t get enough time to write all 24/7 and for them the post is very useful. Before let me tell you the more Traffic you get to your Blog or site, you will earn more money. To get more traffic SEO is the must and mainly the Google Optimization comes under consideration as more than 70% of our Traffic is done from Google. Though my Sincere request would be to see the Optimization Tips by Google Once.

Ok let me come to the Point, If you make a Blog in Blogspot, in the Dashboard, you can see that the stat button will be there by the side of your blog. If you click the stat, you can see the stat of Posts with Number of Audience and Traffic Sources. From this stat easily you can see that what post is giving you more traffic in a particular Hour,Day,Week or a Month and the Traffic Source is what.

Suppose you have submitted the links to various Social Networking sites like Digg,Twitter and Facebook .Done some SEO work by submitting to various forums and High PR blogs or sites .Now from the traffic Source you can see that from where actually the traffics are coming most and for which post. So, you can go and submit more links in those particular places in future which saves a lot of time instead of submitting to thousands of sites for getting back links.

Now my main point comes – for busy Bloggers it’s worthful to figure what that in what particular time you are getting the most traffic for your blogspot. From the stat data if you click the week button you can see that in what day of the Week you get more traffic. That means in that particular day, your visitors are free and comes to read your posts more. So better to write the posts before that day what you figured out.

In the above picture, you can see that on 26th, the traffic is more seen that means in that day more visitors are coming. Like that you can compare the data for a month and find out the average one.

Another way is just figure out the particular time each day you get more traffic so that you can Tweet and Submit your Facebook link in that particular period without wasting much effort.


Saturday, June 25, 2011


MAKE MONEY ONLINE FREE - People always wants to make money online free of cost at the starting for their online earning Journey.Here I will show them some steps which will be beneficial for the beginners who are trying to make a career into the Online World.

According to me till date Blogging is the only thing in Online which is the most stable earning option to make some solid passive income.For this the bloggers could earn money by signing as Publishers in various ad campaigns like Google adsense which is the best till date.

For earning with Google adsense - first of all one should make account on Adsense and Blogspot which is free of cost and start blogging.One could make websites also.In later part we will dicuss this in details.There are several ad marketing companies like Yahoo,Chitika,Infolink from where bloggers could earn a solid income.

Secondly,the most influential market to Make Money online free is the Survey World.Various survey companies like Globaltestmarket,Brandinstitute,Surveyhead provides people free of cost surveys and in return gives you some good money free.

The other options are the Freelance work.There are famous sites like Freelancer and Odesk where you can work as a freelancer and earn a solid income free of cost.You will get various categories to choose in which you are expert of.I have seen personally that many Technical Guys just turned their office Jobs and working as a freelancer.

If you are having a shop of any particular thing,you can sell any items online through ebay and Amazon like sites and earn a good income from your Home.

People nowadays are very much interested in PTC ,paid forums and Social Networking sites that pays to participate where you can earn a decent income.

If you are a Good article writer,you can make money online free a lot from famous sites like Squidoo,Factoidz,Ehow,Helium,Bukisa like sites.Frankly there is no end of earning money online but yes you have to choose the best of it and know that in which field you are interested and can do your best to get maximum results.


Speakasiaonline Scam or Legit

Its a big debate that Speakasiaonline is Scam or Legit site.First of all lets see whats the site actually offers - actually the site says that they are paying money to the customers if the members fills surveys provided by them which they promise that they are getting from various Multinational Companies.The company actually been regulated from Singapore.

But yes to get paid you should be a paid member by paying a certain amount deending upon various kinds of membership and become eligible to complete their surveys provided each week by the site.Its seen that the potential of earning is about 400% in a year which provoked a question among many experts that the site is a scam.

The news been busted by Star news on the month of May middle and after that it was heard that on 28th may ,they published a Newsletter that their payments been delayed as the money was not been sent from the Singapore bank to the Indian Bank by UOB bank,they also told that if required they are going to the court also and appeal all the members to sign the online petition and appeal to give it all time clearance.

If one sees the Alexa ranking of the site - in India its 59 rank and getting between 1-2 crore of pageviews daily but after the scam news busted out, from the middle of the May month,pageviews becomes just half then before.You can see the chart.

MY OPINION - I don't consider such sites as legit one as the Multinational companies completely denied the fact that they are supplying surveys to the site.That means the site themselves making those surveys and giving to the members to fill up and in reply they are giving you the money which they took from your upperline or the old members.Its like a chain type of business.Till date though they paid their members its true but the scheme of the site denotes a clear scam.So always think twice while investing in such sites.Though the time will tell the truth or you can wait till the final decision of the court comes.

Just see their Twitter account and you will find that the last tweet came at 14th June which is of the Speakasiaonline COO India Tarak Bajpai.Seems till the problem not yet solved.see the Twitter page of Speakasiaonline below


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Netjobs4all scam or legit

I decided to provide the exact answer of the question - Is Netjobs4all scam or legit? The question came recently in my mind when I searched Make money free in Google and the site popped into the first page of the search engine.When you open the site - it will promise that people could earn some 50,000 Rs easily and freely from your Home with out investment.Actually when I started my Online Journey long back in the year 2007,same site stumbled infront of me and today I am very much suprised that how the site is till existing.

According to me the site is a complete scam.After promising to send some forms daily ,they tells that one could earn thousands per month and directs to fill the form with your detailed information.

Be aware don't fill up the given form ,as no forms will ever come so that you can earn from the site.No one could earn a single cent from the site.They are taking people's personal information and sell them as active leads to others .As a result you will get lots of spam mails in your folder and there is a chance of hacking your account.So,my sincere advice don't get trapped by this site.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Earn a lot from Squidoo by selling Lens

As soon as I discovered the secret a new way to earn a new technique from Squidoo ,I am showing you people this.As all we know that from Squidoo,we can earn by writing lens and a portion of our earning from the lens are given to us .

But very less people knows that we can also earn by selling out lens.Yes its possible and legal in Squidoo.There are many Squidoo members who wants to buy the Squidoo lens .Now the Question comes How we can decide that our Lens is of How much Worth.Don't Worry Squidoo introduced a Squidoo Lens Evaluation Parameter to Check that whats the Total Value of Your lens.

If You have Written some Good Lens and You have No time for Updating,you can sell it for a Good Price.Just Check the following Tool Here

I am having a lens in Squidoo and the Title of my Lens is


Now after putting my lens lets see in the Below Picture that what the Squidoo Lens Valuation tools says - It tells about the current,average and Topic lensrank,How much Lensmasters favorited it and Thumbs up how much the lens got,one can get the Idea of Back links and age of the lens.Like this the Total value of the Lens been calculated.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earn money from Bidanswer

One can earn money from Bidanswer simply by answering the questions given.There are generally two types of question asked by asker and they are - Tip Type and Bid Type .Tip Type depends only on simple opinion and need no research ,where the asker put the amount he would pay for giving answer correctly.Anybody is eligible for giving the answer.When one answers the best answer been selected by the asker and the money been paid.

The second type is the Bid question where the answerers can place bid to answer with his/her experience in the field mentioned. Always be ready for giving more information about the specific subject.Once you can satisfy your customer, there is potential you can get regular questions to answer.


Any answer of yours been accepted ,then the site will deposit 70% of the bid money into your account.Once you reach the minimum amount of $5,you can apply for withdrawal via paypal,alertpay and money booker.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Allvoices Scam or Legit

You people must be surprised that why me starting this article that Allvoices is scam or legit when I already posted some payment proofs of Allvoices.Actually recently something happened in Allvoices which points the side towards the Scam side.

Let me explain the things in details - Allvoices was running their previous Incentive programme till Dec 31 where it was clearly written that the payment is based on the scores of the Individual writers.Till October it was going well but suddenely in Ist week of November they send some messages to maximum writers that they are been made to Reporter status - the reason they gave is writing less than 200 words article so it happened .Where as its clearly written in the incentive programme that if a writer been made Anchor ,he will remain in that status and there was also no such thing written that one should write 200 words articles.

Ok then when the payment date came they send about only half the payment and to some writers they told that its due to the status change where as in incentive programme,they have not indicated such things at all.Which proves that Allvoices is not following the incentive rules and breaking those rules frequently.There is also no measures that whether the writers who writes well but been made Reporter can make to Anchor or not.

So for me Now Allvoices status is 70% Legit and 30% Scam.

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