Saturday, November 24, 2007

Working home business

Home businesses are working for many
There’s nothing like a home business for cutting overhead and virtually eliminating commute time and commute expense.

Much has been written in recent years about the success of “home businesses.” The concept, of course is not brand new. Over the decades, bakeries, computer companies and other businesses got their start at home.

What makes home businesses even more attractive than ever are:
New technology.With high-powered home computers, e-mail, answering machines, inexpensive long-distance phone service, you have what years ago is a small force at your disposal at very little cost.

Saving commute time.As our society gets busier and traffic has increased in many large city areas, saving time just driving the car to a desk has become more important than ever.
Competition is often as far away as ever.>Many of the largest companies have slashed offices, closed local stores, moved customer service phone banks far away and with “voice mail,” the largest companies aren’t embarrassed about no live body answering the phone.

For example, who can criticize a home business for letting a phone call go on its answering machine when most of the largest corporations in the world no longer have a live call taker? Millions of people have gotten used to having their calls dead-ended on a machine. Few big companies take your call “live” anymore and will get back to you from a voice mail. It’s pretty hard to hold this same thing against a home business.

There are several important rules in making your home business seem to you like it’s a business:
Have a sanctuary in your home for your business.Have a place in your home – a converted garage, a basement, an enclosed porch – where business and only business is done. It is important that you psychologically see part of your home as unconditional business space and use it for nothing else. Have a door that separates your living quarters from your workspace – and use that door by closing it!

Have an answering machine just for business callsand one for the family. It’s best to pay more and have a different phone line for your business – and don’t mix personal and business calls. Know which of your phone numbers is for business and which one is for family use.
If you get bored or have lost your creativity, leave your business and go to a busy restaurant or the mall for a while. Change your environment but get out of your home or apartment for an hour or two. Go to the library or go to the office supply store and get re-charged.
There’s nothing like a home business for cutting overhead and virtually eliminating commute time and commute expense. It should free you up. Instead of driving an hour a day to work…or more…your commute time with a home office is the time it takes to walk from one part of the house to the other. This time should be well used in your business. It should make you less tired. Commuting to work is something that is usually all waste – waste of car expense and a waste of the driver’s time. Unless you drive a taxi, but or delivery truck, chances are you are not paid to drive in traffic.

Millions and millions of people now run a business or sideline out of their residences. It’s about as much as a free ride as most people are going to get. You can have a business with no extra house payments or extra rent, increase in utility costs is minimal at best, taxes are reduced and if you get a second wind in the evening or on the weekend, you don’t have far to go to put in an extra hour or two in your business. And if the weather is bad, you can stay at home and work your phone.

Another advantage of a home business is that it is much less inviting to talkers, dumpers, donation-seekers and sales people looking for businesses to hit up.

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