Thursday, October 13, 2011

Allvoices Payment Gimmick

Allvoices new incentive programme proved to be a real Gimmick and couldn't leave up to the expectation as promised by the members of the site.Recently they announced the new incentive programme which started from ist September.Here they started two types of programmes - one is the brand and the second one is the select media programme.

In Brand type,

they are giving $3 per 1000 page views but you have to be a total score of 90,which they increased from previous 80 to 90,making it tough to score now.

Revenue factor remains the same ,that means its not like what you sees here - maximum writers are getting revenue factors around 30-40,that means the calculation comes around $1-1.5 per thousand page views.

Though all types of writers are being able to participate but without anchor level its impossible to reach that mark of total score.if you score <70,you will get $.50 per thousand page views which was $1 per 1000 page views.If you score >70,you will get $1.50 per thousand page views which was $2 per thousand clearly shows how much difficult the thing became.

In Select Media type,the real gimmick is seen where they gives $ for 1000 page views but yes the news will be selected by the allvoices team and should be unique and from US or targeting the US Audience,that means other than US,no other members are eligible for the programme which shows indirectly.

So,Allvoices incentive Gimmick shows that the site is now difficult to earn.More over now flagging is occurring after the admin announced that if anyone could flag a certain number of articles,they could be made moderators.As a result some members are flagging without any valid reason ,which leads to problems of some legit workers of the site .As a result its seen that a member who is writing in article software also becomes anchor and legit members turns stringer.if such things continuously occurs then me afraid this wonderful site would loss the glory pretty soon.


Dailywiki Stopped Paying

Dailywiki stopped paying members from the month of October.The sad announcement came from the admin at the last week of September .According to the admin,now they are hiring writers for the site and now no vacancy is available.

Its been in news that some old writers of the site are given the opportunity to write .The site is running in loss as the articles submitted to the site are very poor so,the current decision is being made.

So,its better now to write articles for other pay to write sites like Bukisa,Factoidz etc.

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