Monday, June 8, 2009


1. My sincere recommendation will be to provide some extra attention on the content of the blog /site; it should be exclusive and eye-catching.
2. The next point is repeatedly keeping writing the updated contents on our blog/site. The more you provide new and fresh contents, the more probability to get quality traffic.
3. You all can submit your blog in free Url submission directories.
4. Submit your blog/website to yahoo/google/ask site free of cost.You can get the uptodate information about the traffic from those sites
5. Submit your blog/website into different traffic exchange sites.They increase quite easily the traffic but remember if you are having any advertising ads like google then donot put in auto surf sites, you may get ban from google or other such sites.
6. You better Ping your website/blog always in sites like pingomatic whenever you update your contents information, remember do not ping always simply. If you ping without any reasons then your site or blog may get blacklisted.
7. Put your blog in forums for free.There are different nice forums which include signature links, put the blog/website there and gradually you will get nice traffic
8. Always connect your blog/website to various social bookmarking sites like digg, reditt,tweeter,myspace, orkut like sites.These activity could take some time , make as much friends as you can and build up your friendcircle so that easily you could get more traffic in a short time.
9.Always put a RSS feed and subscribe the contents of your blog, if people will subscribe your blog contents then easily whenever your contents updates people will read those and gradually the traffic will increase also automatically .
10. You better select an attractive template of your blog, select some three column templates which is simple and attractive.
11. You can try for article submission sites, they can fetch you a large number of traffic with quality traffic.
12. You Can ad your blog or site in free classified sites and even if you want to spend some money, you can advertise in adwords , yahoo ,adbrite like sites.


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