Saturday, May 16, 2009

Earn from Reviewstream

Reviewstream are interested in ANY reviews that you can write.
Reviewstream only ask that you are very specific. For example, if you are reviewing a hotel or car rental company please specify where it is located.
If you are reviewing a store near you, please specify the city and the street.
If you're reviewing your boy/girl friend, husband/wife or boss think about your future first :)

The regular rate in Reviewstream is subject to change and can be seen anytime on the home page.

You will receive a confirmation email every time your review will be processed. The updated total of your account will be shown in every confirmation email.
Additionally you can request your account total anytime on the Request account total page.
Also you can use your mobile device to get your account balance instantly. Click here to get you permanent wap url.

Sometimes reviewstream receive reviews that don't match some of our criteria. In these cases we are still ready to buy it, but we'll pay you the bulk rate for it.
After you have written your review on the Write Review page you'll have to decide if you're ready to get paid at the bulk rate for your review. If yes, check the bulk price box. If not, don't check it.

How your payment is evaluated :
- If your review meets all of our criteria you'll be paid the regular rate;
- If your review doesn't meet some of our criteria, and the bulk rate box was checked, you will be paid at the bulk rate;
- If your review doesn't meet some of our criteria, and the bulk rate box wasn't checked, the review will be rejected (you can resubmit it with the bulk rate box checked);
- If your review doesn't meet all of our criteria, your review will be rejected whether the bulk rate box was checked or not.

The bulk rate value is calculated as follows :
regular rate divided by 5. Example: if the regular rate is 5.00 USD, the bulk rate will be 1.00 USD.

You will be paid through PayPal by the email address the reviews were sent from.
The minimum amount to be paid is 50.00 USD. Please make a formal request to be paid.

Please allow us up to 72 hours (excluding w/e and public holidays) to process your request.

Every reader can vote for your review and every vote will be paid by ReviewStream. More votes - more cash you'll get. So, why not to place the links to your reviews everywhere - on forums, message boards, blogs, websites, etc. ? Everybody can follow the link and vote for your review. Easy, isn't it ? Promote your reviews by placing the links everywhere, get votes, receive the payment.
- The vote rate is subject to change and can be seen anytime on the home page below the regular rate.
- The minimum amount to be paid is USD 5.
- The total of the votes can be seen on every review page in real time.
- This programm does not affect previous payment options and is an additional payment program.
- Different reviews votes are not summarized.

The referral fee is equal to 1% from the current regular rate, doesn't matter how much your referred reviewer was paid, regular or bulk rate.
You can get your referral link here.
Referral payment will be added to your account immediately on every publication.

Make a search using "by your-penname" as a keyword



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