Saturday, May 30, 2009


The first and the foremost work the newbie’s should do is to join some legit sites like mylot. The site url is their online business link. Here you will get lots of online sites name, then you should read the posts of some experience members.

Go to their personal profile and see that what sites they are joining, join those sites, if needed be their refferal. Apart from those now I am pointing some useful sources of online business for the newcomers.

1. PTC -That is pay to click sites, you click those ads on the site and earn, here I want to say that maximum ptc sites are scam now. You have to know the reality first. There are many sites promising $10 or $100 per ads and $100 per referral. They are super scam sites.

2.Forums - From forums also you can earn a nice amount , there are forums from which you can earn easily $10 -$20 per month, the amounts may be low but remember in forums you will have a good idea about different reliable programmes.

3. From social networking sites-- There are various social networking sites which pays its members to be active in such legit sites, you can also earn a good amount in such sites.

4.From advertisng ads sites- There are different advertising ads like google, bidvertiser, adbrite, clicksor from where you can earn a huge amount from placing their ads on your blogs and websites. Per month easily you can earn $100-200 from those sites.

5.Freelance works-- There are also some good freelance working sites where you can write articles and earn huge amounts, you can do seo work, article writing etc and earn $100 -$500 per month.

6. From surveys - There are paying survey sites from which you can earn a lot from online, it will be better if you are from USA or Canada , you will get more sites but Asian members are getting less survey sites, only a survey sites I am seeing good is global test market.

7.Affiliate marketing- According to me from affiliate marketing we can earn huge amount, just we have to know the technique to convince people and sell the products.


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