Friday, August 13, 2010

Earning from Toneaday

Recently we saw the new concept site Toneaday which is powered by Lymbix .The site pays by rating the words or Phrases what one feel about.For each word or Phrase $0.02 is been credited in the account .The qualifying milestone ia after rating 100 words,when you finish up that one is eligible for first payout $30 by paypal.( Though if u qualify,$2 will be awarded to you first after rating 100 words).

Here Accuracy is very important,so one should take their own time to rate those words.

There are total 4 levels of contributions -

1.Emotional willingness level where you can get paid when you reach $30 milestone level.
2.Emotional Purpose level,when $20 is the payout.
3.Emotional Competence level where $10 is the payout.
4.Emotional Wisdom level where $4is the payout but on can withdraw the amount without holding your withdrawl.


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