Saturday, December 12, 2009

Earn huge by selling ebooks online

If you are in the online business for more than two to three years why not you are earning by distributing your knowledge just by making a ebbok and sell it.First you concentrate on a specific thing and write down the fact, after you just convert that to a PDF file.Now your Ebook is ready to earn you some profit.

You just put in the ebay and earn nice profits, u can also advertise in various forums and earn a huge amount from them,In variuos places people are earning my Email marketing also by this ebook.


Sell products online free and Earn huge

Recently I saw that a very easy way to earn huge online is to sell products free of cost .There are different kind of products you can sell online like digital products, handicrafts,Toys, T-shirts etc of your choice .Better opt for the site where you can sell products free of cost.There are some sites like ebay and Olx where you can sell such products.

You can even open your own website or blog and advertise the products.People can get nice traffic from the websites.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Earn huge from Factoidz site

Factoidz site is similar like Bukisa and Associate Content , its a pay per write article site which pays a high price per views and the payout is also very less , about $1 by paypal.There are different levels in the Factoidz site according to the number of factoids you write.

Myself written 3 articles and in factoidz contibuter in Level 2.You can earn $1-$5 per thousand page views.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Earn Huge from Easyhits4u

Easyhits4u is a very legit manual traffic exchange site which pays you also by paypal.Payout is $3 by paypal.per 1000 pageviews u r getting $0.30 .There are also some suprise credit on surfing.Its a very legit site and I recommend everyone to join the site.The site pays $0.10 for refferal who surf atleast 100 sites.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yes atlast I managed to get a payment from the legit site slicethepie, the payout is 5 pound and is by paypal within 4 days of request.Though now the scouting is not much easy but if you stick to the basic and have nice idea of music you can earn a decent amount.Here I am attaching a payment proof of that site slicethepie.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Earn pounds from slicethepie by scouting music

Slicethepie is the only and most trusted online site from where you can earn pounds by reviewing musical track.The rate is also decent, though in the initial stage while scouting you will have to give rating from 1 to 10.Now deoending upon your scouting performance, your performance star and amount of money will increase in per review song.
the rate is for 1 star=v0.04,2star=v0.05,3star=0.05 pound,4star=o.07pound,5star=0.10pound.and the payout is 5 pound by paypal.

so its seen that you will get vouchers upto 2 star and real money from 3 stars.Its one of the legit sites in online world.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Earn large amount playing online for free

Though there are very few legit sites from where you can earn huge amount by playing online for free.I suggest you two legit sites from which you can earn a lot free of cost.The first site Moola.
MoolaThe site is a multiplayer reward game.Its like becoming a millionaire online rather seeing others in TV.You just have to compete with each other and according to talent of indivisual.

Note - Though Moola is not available for each ans every country, mainly for the US .

The second site though is a international one.Its called PrizeLive.

PrizeLive The site offers many options to earn, such as playing online game,completing offers, refferal contest,youtube contests and many more.You can find out the payment proof in their forum.


Sunday, September 13, 2009


Recently a new site launched where you can easily make $30 from $15 within two days.The site connects advertisers to consumers.You can buy ad pack of $15 were you will get 100 ads to view of $0.30 per ads.So within viewing 100 ads in two days you can earn some $30 very easily.One can earn upto $15 per hour.

Now about the payment, yes till now the site is paying, though some members are having negative remark also about the site.Think that it will be a gamble type to invest in that site.May vanish anytime.So before investing think twice .

Site url is HERE


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Earn Large amount from

I have recently found a social networking site called as Gather.Though its ideal for Mothers but yes anyone could take part in the site and earn from the site, you can gather points for your activities and after that you can convert the points to money.

There are variuos points to earn like making articles, uploading Pictures from ur own computer, taking part in variuos surveys.I have written different articles in that site. As I am from India i cannot earn but yes the site is awesome so I stick in that site frequently.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scam site

Recently I came across a site called as .According to me it’s a super scam site .The reason I am explaining here-
According to me the site is a scam site , the reason they ist used to give 0.50 pound for a 350-400 review , now they just decreased the amount to half.apart from that they r using some tactic to most of the people, they Ist accept 2-3 reviews , after that constantly rejecting all reviews without any notification. They even cannot give proper reason for that.

In total the site is a scam site I am sure, always squeezing from the members. They r not giving your rejected reviews back or give us for moderation. I once personally requested them to keep a moderation button but they threatened me to block my account and my IP. So, my sincere request is please don’t be active in that scam site
Let us fight against the scammers.
U can visit the scam site


Thursday, August 6, 2009


We know that Vinefire will be scam but the site is surviving as it is a site where we can advertise our websites by submitting links.There we can find a huge number of new and good legit sites if we search.Thats the reason we are active in that site.

Now the question is --Is there any site similar to Vinfire , The Answer will be yes.There are two sites similar to Vinefire.One is trafficnowfire And the other site is astunn

But yes if you people think that you will get money from those sites, you are absolutely wrong, the sites will not pay but yes those sites are paradise for advertising your websites


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yes, you can earn a lot from the site .Its true.You can earn from different activities like KBC online ticket, By forum,articles and affiliate system.The site seems to me very much promising.There are huge categories from software to ebooks



Monday, August 3, 2009


Now mypage5 recently decided that they will decrese their payout from $50 to $25 .As $5 must remain in your account means you will get $25.The step being taken for the favour of the members as many of them wants a low payout.

Though the discontinuing members coming back will have $5 to start with as mypage5 always appreciate the loyal members who valued the site for continuing effort.

The site is a legit one and already i have shown payment proof in the Blog.


Friday, July 17, 2009


In Socint site you will get points for being social , you can redeem the points to rewards or get money from paypal or alertpay.Signing In,Messaging Friends,Commenting,Updating your Status,Updating your Mood,Updating your MyLife,Posting Topics,Starting Groups,Starting Polls,Talking in Chatroom,Rating,Telling your Friends about socint,Verifying your Picture,Buying/Selling Socints,and many other ways!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Just join imreportcard site and start earning IMRC credits for anytype of things you do.For anykind of participation in the community you will be rewarded.

You rate a review or other users' comments you will get 5 Credits
You Grade a Product, Service or Person, you will get 10 Credits
Add a comment about a product, service or person 50 Credits + *Bonus*
Suggest a new product, service or person for review 75 Credits
Report spam or other inappropriate content 100 Credits

For every 100 points you will get $1 in paypal.So all us members hurry up and join IMREPORTCARD


Sunday, July 5, 2009


I joined the site long before as I heard that the site is a legit one and pays per views what news you publish, you can publish news of different category, Photos of your own and videos even.Groundreport site today suddenely send me $0.08 in my paypal, I was really suprised to see that payment as I only published a single news.So, now you people can join groundreport site and start earning, I have given the payment proof here from the site.


Sunday, June 28, 2009


I came across a very legit site called as squishycash.You can get paid by completing offers, surveys,try products and referring friends.They are now giving away $10 joining bonus and there is chance of winning $1000 in contest.The site is eligible for all international members and there is chance to earn 20% of the revenue from the referral members.Payments are sent daily and monthly also from squishycash.So hurry up to join squishycash legit site.



I recently found a site called as trekpay.In this you can earn from the given tasks you perform.Payout is by paypal.Joining to the site is absolutely free , just for paypal verification they need that you send them $1 which will be refunded to you atonce.The payment is weekly.So i think you people can join trekpay


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Suddenely a site caught my eye, the name of the site is redgage which pays the members to create contents, uploading videos, music, photos .You can also make money if anyone view your content pages.

The site pays by redgage visacard when members reach $25 and its multiple amounts like $50, $75 etc.You can watch the redgage visa card tutorial in the faq page.You can redeem money from any places, its like a debit card.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Linkbee and Linkbucks are both similar sites where you can earn money by submitting short URL link to different forums , social networking sites like twitter.But the question is that which is best site.According to me between the two now in recent times Linkbuck is the best.Though upto march month linkbee also used to pay but after that till now no one get paid from the site.Linkbucks though is paying now also.

So, my better advice You can join linkbucks rather than linkbee.Though I will be giving the updated news to everyone.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Do you want to earn thousands of dollars by check, its not a joke .Here after much research I got total three legit sites which pays by check. The sites are very legit and pay its members regularly. You people can easily earn some $500 -$1000 per month if you are serious.

1.First I will mention about the clixsense site, it’s a very old site where you can earn money by seeing the advertisements. The minimum payout is $10.

2.The second is a survey site which pays its members by check .Its called globaltestmarket. You have to collect total 1000 points to reach $50 which is payout. Till now though I am in half way but will reach the payout soon.

3. The third and my most favorite is mturk, it’s a site from there
are over 30-40,000 tasks to complete. They are sending money even by rupees also
to the Indians, though the main payment is by dollars. You can earn huge if
devoted full time from the site.


Sunday, June 14, 2009


You might be hearing about the site vinefire

The way of earning in the site is by clicking on links, voting, reffering friends and sharing those links with friends.They pay $0.23 per click and $0.08 per vote.
For sponser link click $0.90 .You can get $10 bonus per refferal in vinefire.You will get $0.02 per click in your link.

Though the payment will be not given now , they are telling to give payment within 6-8 months.

Now the questions comes IS VINEFIRE SCAM OR LEGIT? According to me the site is a super scam site and will never pays its member.

But yes its advantage is that you can get nice amount of traffic from the site by submitting link of your site or blog .But remember never pay a single penny to advertise.


Saturday, June 13, 2009


Ilast month got a payment of $1.04 from triond, the site is very legit and pays its members in perfect time, they pays you every 15th of the month.I think from next month onwards I can earn some good amount of cash from the site.Payment by paypal.

Free Image Hosting at

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Friday, June 12, 2009


Recently I received payment from mypage5, though they cut major amount of my earnings by giving variuos reasons and gave me about $21.64 dollars but yes I atleast received the payment from them atlast.It is a legit site but now adays they became very much strict.Here I am attaching a recent payment proof which I got from them.

Free Image Hosting at

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


We know that twitter is sensational social networking site , noe recently twitter started verified accounts .Now specially "twitter verified account badge" been done for the well known celebrities,atheletes, actors,Public agencies and officials as depicted by the twitter officials.

If you wish to verify your account you can fill the feedback form there,One thing could be done now is to set a link to your official website or blog which contains the Twitter badge or logo linking back to the profile.
The verified twitter badge will be seen on the top righ side just above the name and location, if anywhere else you see in any profile, its not verified.
You people can see a example given by twitter .SEE HERE
For more information about the verified account you can check the following link.



I am working online for the past two years, till now I started my earnings with orangebiz and donkeymails , I got little amount from oranebiz about $0.20 in total and after working in donkeymails for three months I got $1 in paypal.After that I got little crazy and interested in Ptc sites, I joined in sites like , 10 bux But they never paid me.

I till remember I got the highest number of referral in a site called adstab, got a $10 payout also and was having some $40 in my account but soon they become scam, now if you search the internet you will get that site as traffic exchange site, the site actually made many people fool.

In thinkbux also I loss some nice amount and buxout vanished suddenely without any information.The most loss I faced with isabelmarco, I was having some 30 refferals in that site and got a payment of $30 from them and some $65 was remaining in my account but soon the site also showed its colour, they announced that only premium members will get payment, I became premium also but they never paid us and now they are telling that those money couldnot be cashed out.

I tried neobux also and got first 2 payouts also but after that its really very much difficult to earn from the site , I invested some money in that site but never got back all my investments as the referrals are not much active , may be they are using some bots.So, after evaluating all these points on PTC I decided to leave the Ptc sites earning. Now I am focusing on other sources of legit online income.


Monday, June 8, 2009


1. My sincere recommendation will be to provide some extra attention on the content of the blog /site; it should be exclusive and eye-catching.
2. The next point is repeatedly keeping writing the updated contents on our blog/site. The more you provide new and fresh contents, the more probability to get quality traffic.
3. You all can submit your blog in free Url submission directories.
4. Submit your blog/website to yahoo/google/ask site free of cost.You can get the uptodate information about the traffic from those sites
5. Submit your blog/website into different traffic exchange sites.They increase quite easily the traffic but remember if you are having any advertising ads like google then donot put in auto surf sites, you may get ban from google or other such sites.
6. You better Ping your website/blog always in sites like pingomatic whenever you update your contents information, remember do not ping always simply. If you ping without any reasons then your site or blog may get blacklisted.
7. Put your blog in forums for free.There are different nice forums which include signature links, put the blog/website there and gradually you will get nice traffic
8. Always connect your blog/website to various social bookmarking sites like digg, reditt,tweeter,myspace, orkut like sites.These activity could take some time , make as much friends as you can and build up your friendcircle so that easily you could get more traffic in a short time.
9.Always put a RSS feed and subscribe the contents of your blog, if people will subscribe your blog contents then easily whenever your contents updates people will read those and gradually the traffic will increase also automatically .
10. You better select an attractive template of your blog, select some three column templates which is simple and attractive.
11. You can try for article submission sites, they can fetch you a large number of traffic with quality traffic.
12. You Can ad your blog or site in free classified sites and even if you want to spend some money, you can advertise in adwords , yahoo ,adbrite like sites.


Friday, June 5, 2009


Youtaz is a social networking site which pays its member to particpate in the site.Youtaz pays for various activities like blogging, uploading unlimited photos and videos , participating in forums also.

The rate of youtaz activity poits differs, now the rate is 100 points = 1.32 dollars.


So, why to worry just join the site as early as possible.


Monday, June 1, 2009


This is a legit social networking site called ezihippo which is having a low payout of $10.Here you can earn money by blogging, posting images, videos, music , comments on profiles and from refferal also.

The main amazing thing of ezihippo is they are giving some suprise payout to random members those who are active.Here you can earn upto $1- $2 easily, plus if you are having some amount of good refferal you can earn some percentage from their activities.So, easily per day you can earn about $100 per month from ezihippo site.


There are some earning rules you can CHECK HERE


Saturday, May 30, 2009


The first and the foremost work the newbie’s should do is to join some legit sites like mylot. The site url is their online business link. Here you will get lots of online sites name, then you should read the posts of some experience members.

Go to their personal profile and see that what sites they are joining, join those sites, if needed be their refferal. Apart from those now I am pointing some useful sources of online business for the newcomers.

1. PTC -That is pay to click sites, you click those ads on the site and earn, here I want to say that maximum ptc sites are scam now. You have to know the reality first. There are many sites promising $10 or $100 per ads and $100 per referral. They are super scam sites.

2.Forums - From forums also you can earn a nice amount , there are forums from which you can earn easily $10 -$20 per month, the amounts may be low but remember in forums you will have a good idea about different reliable programmes.

3. From social networking sites-- There are various social networking sites which pays its members to be active in such legit sites, you can also earn a good amount in such sites.

4.From advertisng ads sites- There are different advertising ads like google, bidvertiser, adbrite, clicksor from where you can earn a huge amount from placing their ads on your blogs and websites. Per month easily you can earn $100-200 from those sites.

5.Freelance works-- There are also some good freelance working sites where you can write articles and earn huge amounts, you can do seo work, article writing etc and earn $100 -$500 per month.

6. From surveys - There are paying survey sites from which you can earn a lot from online, it will be better if you are from USA or Canada , you will get more sites but Asian members are getting less survey sites, only a survey sites I am seeing good is global test market.

7.Affiliate marketing- According to me from affiliate marketing we can earn huge amount, just we have to know the technique to convince people and sell the products.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yes its true, qyao turned a complete scam now, didnot paid anyone, even I lost my $100 to that qyao site.I would like to request all please donot join the qyao site or give any amount to that site.Again I am telling its a superb scam and according to me one of the greatest scam sites in the world.

Cosmopol is HYIP site which is created by the scam qyao site owners to again squeeze out some cash from the honest members, please beaware of the scam site cosmopol, donot ever join the site anymore and you will lose all your money.

beaware of such scam sites.



There are many programmes or sites which are related to google adsense sharing programmes , I am also working on those for a quite bit of time and finds some of them very effective indeed which I am mentioning below :

1.The first site I would mention the most effective is flixya.The flixya site is having 100 % revenue sharing, mainly you can publish videos, blogs and pictures .You people can REGISTER HERE

2.Next site I would recommened is qassia, which is also having 100 % revenue sharing.Its a very legit and effective site .You can register the qassia site through a link just in the right side of the blog.

3.Another good revenue sharing site I found is yousaytoo

Its a 50 % revenue sharing site, you can publish blog mainly .


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Earn money from Bukisa

Bukisa's unique and revolutionary revenue sharing model is based on two main revenue streams and the innovative Bukisa Index:

1. Getting paid for people reading, viewing or listening to your high quality published content.

2. Getting paid for the read, viewed & listened published content of your friends, friends' friends and their friends (up to 3 levels).

In Bukisa You get paid up to 3 (three) levels.
• 1st Level - You invite your Family and Friends in Bukisa and they are now helping you earn more money.
• 2nd Level – Your family and friends now ask their friends to join the Bukisa family and because your family and friends are contributors with Bukisa because of you, you are rewarded.
• 3rd level – Now their friends will want to boost their earnings in Bukisa by recruiting their own family and friends and you get rewarded a third time.



Earn from Reviewstream

Reviewstream are interested in ANY reviews that you can write.
Reviewstream only ask that you are very specific. For example, if you are reviewing a hotel or car rental company please specify where it is located.
If you are reviewing a store near you, please specify the city and the street.
If you're reviewing your boy/girl friend, husband/wife or boss think about your future first :)

The regular rate in Reviewstream is subject to change and can be seen anytime on the home page.

You will receive a confirmation email every time your review will be processed. The updated total of your account will be shown in every confirmation email.
Additionally you can request your account total anytime on the Request account total page.
Also you can use your mobile device to get your account balance instantly. Click here to get you permanent wap url.

Sometimes reviewstream receive reviews that don't match some of our criteria. In these cases we are still ready to buy it, but we'll pay you the bulk rate for it.
After you have written your review on the Write Review page you'll have to decide if you're ready to get paid at the bulk rate for your review. If yes, check the bulk price box. If not, don't check it.

How your payment is evaluated :
- If your review meets all of our criteria you'll be paid the regular rate;
- If your review doesn't meet some of our criteria, and the bulk rate box was checked, you will be paid at the bulk rate;
- If your review doesn't meet some of our criteria, and the bulk rate box wasn't checked, the review will be rejected (you can resubmit it with the bulk rate box checked);
- If your review doesn't meet all of our criteria, your review will be rejected whether the bulk rate box was checked or not.

The bulk rate value is calculated as follows :
regular rate divided by 5. Example: if the regular rate is 5.00 USD, the bulk rate will be 1.00 USD.

You will be paid through PayPal by the email address the reviews were sent from.
The minimum amount to be paid is 50.00 USD. Please make a formal request to be paid.

Please allow us up to 72 hours (excluding w/e and public holidays) to process your request.

Every reader can vote for your review and every vote will be paid by ReviewStream. More votes - more cash you'll get. So, why not to place the links to your reviews everywhere - on forums, message boards, blogs, websites, etc. ? Everybody can follow the link and vote for your review. Easy, isn't it ? Promote your reviews by placing the links everywhere, get votes, receive the payment.
- The vote rate is subject to change and can be seen anytime on the home page below the regular rate.
- The minimum amount to be paid is USD 5.
- The total of the votes can be seen on every review page in real time.
- This programm does not affect previous payment options and is an additional payment program.
- Different reviews votes are not summarized.

The referral fee is equal to 1% from the current regular rate, doesn't matter how much your referred reviewer was paid, regular or bulk rate.
You can get your referral link here.
Referral payment will be added to your account immediately on every publication.

Make a search using "by your-penname" as a keyword



Earn from social networking site mypage5

Welcome to, the MOST FINANCIALLY REWARDING social networking site in the world. We have a new and improved reward system which everyone is sure to like.

MyPage5 has a number of member bonuses. These bonuses are there to entice people to use the site as much as possible in order to create social communities and interact with each other. A summary of bonuses is as follows:

New member sign up with picture: $5.00

If a new member signs up and uploads his/her profile picture at registration, they’ll get this bonus. A picture is a nice touch to a profile so we like members to take time to upload one.

New member sign up without picture: $0.00

Should’ve uploaded the picture

Member Login: 1c

As soon as a member signs into his/her profile page, the reward is this, once daily.

Create blog: 10c

Members will get this bonus every time they contribute a blog to the site. Blogs must be genuine and not copied or contain links to other blogs. You can upload up to ten blogs at a time but, only four will be rewarded or credited to your account.

Blog Comments: 2c

Members are allowed ten blog comments daily on blogs posted by other members.

Upload videos: 15c

Members will get this bonus for every video that they upload to mypage55. Videos will not be offensive in nature and multiple posts of the same video is not allowed. Poor quality and copyright videos will be deleted. Please inspect your work before you post. Mypage5 accepts only five videos upload daily.

Video comment : 2c

Comment on the video you've just watched, not really a bad reward for commenting on a video. Maximum of five video comments daily.

Post classified: 10c

Something for sale? Put it on our classified site and even if it doesn’t sell, you’ll get your reward. Are you a woman looking for a man or a man looking for a woman, our free classified page is your answer. Ten classifieds daily.

Create group: 2c

Create a group to get this bonus. Groups are intended to bring together like minded individuals, work colleagues, school friends or just supporters of the same football team!

Join group/Comment: 2c

If you join any group, comment or contribute to the group topics the above is your reward. five group comments daily!

Invite a friend: $1.00

For every friend that you invite to join MyPage5, you’ll get $1.00. Your friend must register and remain an active member for you to get the reward, other wise the money will be deducted on the pay day. Inviting ghost referral/friend is cheating, this will lead to immediate suspension on account.

Profile comment: 2c

You can comment on members profiles but, no duplicates. Please note: you are allowed to post maximum of ten user profile comments daily. posting of multiple profile comments on one page at the same day is spamming. The punishment ranges from loss of earnings to voiding of account.

Upload photo to album: 2c

Members will get 2c for any of their photos,friends or relations they upload to their profile photo albums. Please Note: duplicate photos, stock photos,Internet photos or any copyright are not allowed.Such pratice will lead to account suspension and revenue loss.Maximum number of photos a member is allowed to upload is 400, any thing above this number will not be paid for.

Photo comment : 2c

Comment on photos you've just looked at, tell us what you think, your reward is the above. Mypage5 allow maximum of five photo comments daily.

Band comment : 2c

Your favourite band? comment on your band and get 2cents reward. five band comments daily.

Profile views: 1c

Members will get 1c every time another member view your profile so please do mypage5 a favour, set up a fantastic and eye-catching profile.

How will I be paid?

MyPage5’s payment method is Paypal, which is an online payment service. Payment is instantaneous and protected against fraud. If a member is not registered with Paypal, a cheque will be sent via the postal service. Please note that Paypal charges a small percentage fee for using their service. MyPage5 has a minimum payment amount of $50.

How do I ensure that I don’t get any money?

If a member is found to be using software or any other fraudulent means of increasing their rewards, MyPage5 will suspend their account and render their rewards null and void. MyPage5 will not hesitate to take legal action and report such individuals to the relevant authorities. Please Note: If you reach your pay-out by referring friends or otherwise but found not to active on mypage5, you will loose your pay-out right, inactive member is of no benefit to mypage5.

When will I get paid?

Mypage5 issues payments one month after you accrue them. For example, earnings you made in March 2009 will be paid in April 30th 2009. If your revenue does not meet the minimum pay out, this revenue will automatically roll over to the following month.

NOTE Recently mypage5 decided to pay $15 from the june month they will change the earning faq and reduce the payment status from $50 to $15.


Monday, April 27, 2009


Yes its true we can earn a lot from twitter, a new sensational social sites like myspace, orkut , facebook.But the difference here is you can earn also from twitter.Its a true thing.

I joined the site some days before and within a week earned about 20 dollars, its a pretty easy stuff.Just you have to follow others and make some foloowers also.

Now the main question comes how to earn from the twitter.First open a account in twitter , after that you register in the follwing site, JOIN HERE


1.Always post ads in span of 12 hours.

2.In between post some ordinary post, donot continously post .

If any query please send me message at

There are some more valuable tips to discuss and how you can earn more amount of money.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Earning from triond

Triond a very legit site which pays you for publishing your writting, videos and music.Triond pays per view basis.Payout is $0.50 by paypal and its Net15 day basis payout.
Triond pays the half profits earned from your articles.Many of them are earning some $50-100 per month very easily.The site Triond is from tele aviv.

For more details CLICK HERE

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