Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scam site

Recently I came across a site called as .According to me it’s a super scam site .The reason I am explaining here-
According to me the site is a scam site , the reason they ist used to give 0.50 pound for a 350-400 review , now they just decreased the amount to half.apart from that they r using some tactic to most of the people, they Ist accept 2-3 reviews , after that constantly rejecting all reviews without any notification. They even cannot give proper reason for that.

In total the site is a scam site I am sure, always squeezing from the members. They r not giving your rejected reviews back or give us for moderation. I once personally requested them to keep a moderation button but they threatened me to block my account and my IP. So, my sincere request is please don’t be active in that scam site
Let us fight against the scammers.
U can visit the scam site


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