Saturday, December 18, 2010

Allvoices Review - About 2010 Performance

Let me first tell you before my review about the site allvoices that it’s a legit earning site. Here I am trying to highlight some points which may be beneficial for the site further improvement. In the year 2010,the site is quite successful one which got some consistent page views from the search Engine and yes it performed exceptionally well.

The incentive programme of 2010 done great for the site.

When I started to search the reason I got some points which I wanted to discuss here –
Let me focus to some of the weak points that can be rectified –

1. The sites tell that 200 words article is must. But there is no must rules till implemented for the writers. Though recently they made some members Reporter from Anchor circulating news that they are writing less than 200 words article which is not suitable for search engines and hence their status is being made to Anchor to Reporter.

But till now there are some amount of writers who are constantly writing one or two sentence and are in Anchor status. So I urge the site Owner Amra Tareen to look in this matter and Implement some rule which should be followed by all.
Suppose the site can make a must software system to write at least 200 words article.

2.The site started its main Journey from the year 2008 and from Since their support team was exceptionally good but recently its seen that no measures are taken or solutions to any problems of the members are rather slow than before. This problem should be overcome first.

3. It seems that the site Owner has implemented some new Moderators and their Work is not at all satisfactory as for some members who are constantly copy pasting reports are kept in Anchor Position.

4. There are members who constantly remarks racism comments and is in Anchor position .It should be considered seriously.
There are over 90% writers writing less than 200 words article and some 40-50% being made reporter. The system is fine but suggestion is writers writing should be thoroughly checked before taking any decision .


Now let me discuss the Positive Points –

1. I think the site is till now the best in Online earning for the year 2010.Their incentive programme worked superbly and their payment is also in time, very satisfied.
2. The site is liberal. It’s not so much strict and the members are having liberty to write anything or any topic of their choice.
3. The site is launching a new incentive programme from Ist January 2011 .So ,keep eye on that if you missed the 2010 .
4. The site is having some Good professional writers and some Good SEO workers which makes the site improves day by day.

So I request all of you to Join the site and make it a sucessful one and earn some handsome money alo online .ALLVOICES

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