Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Netjobs4all scam or legit

I decided to provide the exact answer of the question - Is Netjobs4all scam or legit? The question came recently in my mind when I searched Make money free in Google and the site popped into the first page of the search engine.When you open the site - it will promise that people could earn some 50,000 Rs easily and freely from your Home with out investment.Actually when I started my Online Journey long back in the year 2007,same site stumbled infront of me and today I am very much suprised that how the site is till existing.

According to me the site is a complete scam.After promising to send some forms daily ,they tells that one could earn thousands per month and directs to fill the form with your detailed information.

Be aware don't fill up the given form ,as no forms will ever come so that you can earn from the site.No one could earn a single cent from the site.They are taking people's personal information and sell them as active leads to others .As a result you will get lots of spam mails in your folder and there is a chance of hacking your account.So,my sincere advice don't get trapped by this site.


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