Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am working online for the past two years, till now I started my earnings with orangebiz and donkeymails , I got little amount from oranebiz about $0.20 in total and after working in donkeymails for three months I got $1 in paypal.After that I got little crazy and interested in Ptc sites, I joined in sites like , 10 bux But they never paid me.

I till remember I got the highest number of referral in a site called adstab, got a $10 payout also and was having some $40 in my account but soon they become scam, now if you search the internet you will get that site as traffic exchange site, the site actually made many people fool.

In thinkbux also I loss some nice amount and buxout vanished suddenely without any information.The most loss I faced with isabelmarco, I was having some 30 refferals in that site and got a payment of $30 from them and some $65 was remaining in my account but soon the site also showed its colour, they announced that only premium members will get payment, I became premium also but they never paid us and now they are telling that those money couldnot be cashed out.

I tried neobux also and got first 2 payouts also but after that its really very much difficult to earn from the site , I invested some money in that site but never got back all my investments as the referrals are not much active , may be they are using some bots.So, after evaluating all these points on PTC I decided to leave the Ptc sites earning. Now I am focusing on other sources of legit online income.


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