Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scam Easyhits4u - Is it True

You all might know the site Easyhits4u site which is a manual surfing site and pays $3 by Paypal.The site pays to its member, yes its true , you can earn money for sure.Now the question arise, why I am telling Easyhits4u a scam .The reason I am telling to you - In the site, apart from earning money , there you can advertise and convert your cash also in banner ads or Text ads.Now in that site I wanted to converted my cash to text ad.I then just put my site for advertisement and added the specific number of ads to be shown per day.Now I have put some 10,000 text ads and per day 500 impression.But after some days when I checked my site I saw that my site is not having a single impression but everyday in Easyhits4u account my Text banner impression is showing and its telling that about 5000 impression been completed.As I attached a hit counter, I can check whether really impression is coming, but learned that no impression in real.I wrote to the equiry but they didnot gave me the exact reason and showing me various Faq which is of no use.Now again I wrote them, lets see what happens, if not worked properly , I have to commit that Easyhits4u is scamming.

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